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The process | Listen. Discover. Research. Plan. Execute.

About Blews Media LLC


Blews Media LLC wants to help your business discover real solutions to your problems. We listen. We ask questions. We plan. We do this together, with you. In many cases, we refer to our clients as partners, because we work together, with you.

Listen To Understand

Understanding doesn't work unless we are listening. We want to understand your issues, concerns and problems.

Holistic Planning

We look at your business, as a whole. One tactic will help, one strategy will help. But looking at your whole business can bring new insight, and new solutions.

Measurable Execution

When creating a plan for your business, we include tangible and measurable milestones and goals. Your goals are ours, and you will know exactly when they are achieved.

Our Services

Brand Audits

Learn about your brand & how customers see you. Discover what your competition is doing right & wrong.

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1-on-1 Consulting

Get real answers to real issues. Solid communication, feedback and planning for your business.

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Website Design & Creation

Portray the best face of your brand with a quality website. Tell your story and make sales, the right way.

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Local SEO

Your business should be a regional force in your industry. Find, reach and acquire new customers.

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Every brand has a story to tell. Let us help you tell yours in articles, social media and video scripts.

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Digital Advertising

We can help your business find the right customers, fast, without wasting good money in digital ads.

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Don't see the digital marketing service that you are looking for here? These are only a few of the tactics and actions we use to help local businesses like yours. Schedule a consultation today to see if we can help you.

Why Choose Blews Media LLC

"It's time to do things differently..."

Businesses need more than bragging and promises

Your business is more than a number, more than simply a revenue goal. Your business is your child, constantly growing and needing care and guidance. Who you partner with is important to the growth and overall health of your brand. In 2022, healthy business growth is more than some marketing, using templates, reusing scripts and talking in blanket statements. You really need...

  • Honest feedback and information
  • Measurable effeciency to eliminate waste
  • Create real partnerships with aligned goals
  • Make affordable, long-term solutions

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We believe in removing as much risk from working with us. We also believe in letting our work speak for itself. If you aren't happy with the work that has been done, if it is not the work you agreed to and it is leaving you wanting out of our working relationship, let us know and you'll receive your money back. Just let us know, and you get every single dime you've spent back - no questions asked!

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BLEWS MEDIA LLC is an independently owned and operated consulting business and digital marketing agency in Pennsylvania.