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Website Design & Website Creation

Your website is the digital face of your brand - and it deserve to look fantastic!

Blews Media Digital Marketing Needs For Business Website

Nucleus Of Your Brand

Your website is the nucleus, the center, of your digital business world.

Blews Media Digital Marketing Needs For Business Website

24-hour salesperson

Your website doesn't just tell your business's story - it also answers questions, handles objections and sells, without down-time.

Blews Media Digital Marketing Needs For Business Website

Form meets function

Your business website needs to have a beautiful look AND have terrific features like tools, information and more.

Website Design & Website Creation Break-down

Your website is the center of your business's digital world. It should look great, function incredibly well, sell when you aren't awake and not break your budget. This is our website creation process for speed and affordability.

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Determine goals, needs and options

The website design process starts by asking you a lot about your brand, and the needs of your website. We try to give you the most affordable solutions possible, while also giving you a lot of value in those costs.

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Likes, Branding, Features

In this step, we get all of the website examples on paper. By the end of this part of the website creation process, you have a bunch of images to choose from and give feedback about.

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Create development website

During this phase, you have the first iteration of your website. This is in a template form, we like to call it private alpha, where you can see in a browser how most parts of your website work.

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Install and go live

During this final part of the process, we install your website fully at your web host and go live. We add in analytics tracking, pixels and other administration features as well as standard practice.


We Help Your Businesses Shine

Working with Blews Media LLC means that you have a trusted partner focused on your business looking, working and selling incredibly well!

Blews Media Digital Marketing Needs For Business Website

Focused On Your Brand

What makes Blews Media LLC a great partner to work with? Our beliefs are simple...

  • Holistic, Caring & Results-Driven Approach
  • Customized Business Solutions
  • Ownership Of Your Brand Is Key


You probably have some questions about website design or website creation for your business. You'll find some of those answers below.

What is business website design and creation?

Website design and website creation is the act of putting the best face on your brand, in the digital world.

Why is a website so important to a business?

Your business website is the nucleus of all of the digital aspects of your brand. In many cases, apart from your actual headquarters or storefront, a business website is 'home'.

How much does the average business website cost?

For a large, customized website design with many features, you might be spending $25,000 or more. For a basic website design package, including customizations but not a unique design from scratch, you might expect to pay $1500 or more.

What are all of the considerations that go into building a business website?

The short answer is 'a lot'. We consider your business goals, current branding, needs to meet your goals online, the industry you are in, your competition locally and globally and a lot more. The largest consideration is 'Will this new website design grow your business?'

Can't I just use Wix or GoDaddy Sitebuilder or something like that?

Sure! But a customized, personalized website design gives you one thing those services cannot - true ownership. And that is a major goal in our business.

Who We Work With

No business is too small or too large to get started with website design and creation. We offer a wide array of solutions and pricing to help you meet your business's needs.

(They) built a fast one-page website, added in all of the features we needed and it was simple. Really great to work with.

Dave M.