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Own persuasive and complete digital paid advertising copy and ad funnels for fast sales and conversions.

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Digital Paid Advertising Campaigns

Turn your offers into clickable, sellable and interesting ads and offers for faster business growth.

Blews Media Digital Marketing Needs For Business Website

Done for you ads

Your ad copy and copywriting is done for you. Final approval is yours, but the work is all on us.

Blews Media Digital Marketing Needs For Business Website

Advertising administration

We handle the administration of your advertising campaigns on popular platforms like Facebook Ads, Google AdWords and more.

Blews Media Digital Marketing Needs For Business Website

Fully customized ad funnels

We can build complete ad funnels for you. We use results-driven action, based on results of multiple A/B tests and data.

Our Digital Advertising Process

Digital Advertising can be an expensive element in your overall digital marketing plans. However, when you use fundamental processes, a data-driven approach and quality copywriting, your costs can go from expensive to affordable fast.

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Your offer review (or creation)

Our process begins with a fast meeting to discuss your goals, your offer and who your ideal customer is. We talk about the platforms, your budget and, most importantly, specific goals to meet for your business.

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Landing page creation

During this next step, we use persuasive copywriting to create a landing page for your offer. We use "The 1" method here (one offer, for one platform, for one type of user, with one particular goal).

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Ad copy research and creation

Based on your offer, landing page, goals and your platform, we research and construct your initial ads. We usually offer up to 5 initial ads for feedback, while running 1 - 3 for testing.

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A/B Testing (ongoing)

To refine your ad copy and offers, we use A/B testing at every stage of your advertising campaign. During the initial campaign, are collecting data. We then determine if the landing page, offer or ads need to be tested and refined.

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Review, report and discuss

With most advertising packages, we like to create reports on the reviewed data we have saved, and then schedule a monthly meeting to discuss. While these are not mandatory, the process of reviewing and creating reports for that data is essential.


We Help Your Business Succeed

Working with Blews Media LLC means that you have a trusted partner focused on your brand's success using persuasive copy and targeted advertising campaigns to reach the right people.

Blews Media Digital Marketing Needs For Business Website

Focused On Your Brand

What makes Blews Media LLC a great partner to work with? Our beliefs are simple...

  • Holistic, Caring & Results-Driven Approach
  • Customized Business Solutions
  • Ownership Of Your Brand Is Key


Do you have questions about digital paid advertising and advertising campaigns? Here are the answers you need below.

What is digital paid advertising?

Digital paid advertising uses digital platforms to serve advertisements. These include Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, banner ads and more.

How much would a digital advertising campaign cost my business?

The base rates for full copywriting, offer refinement and administration start at $1600 per platform, per month for $15,000/month ad spends or less. For digital advertising platform administration, the cost is substantially less. Our clients are responsible for ad costs.

Do I have to purchase a package with ad funnel creation, or can I have my platfrom admin'd by you each month?

Short answer: you get to pick. Every business is different. Your business might just want us to create better copy in your ads. Another business might need just ad platform administration.

I'm a small business mom and pop... do I "need" digital advertising?

Not necessarily. However, it is a reasonably fast digital marketing tactic compared to SEO or email marketing for sales conversions.

Can I see some of your advertisements before deciding?

Sure! But, we can help even more. Give us a call today at (724)510-7201 and mention our free Facebook Ad offer. We will build a customized ad for Facebook for you to test versus your current ads. Then, we'll let you decide!

Who We Work With

No business is too small or too large to get help in growing their sales online. We offer a wide array of solutions and pricing to help you meet your business's needs, while staying affordable, simple and effective.

They were able to take our brand and transform our message into a clear visual and audio story. A new website, new logo and everything else we needed!

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