About Us - Why Choose Blews Media?

Blews Media LLC is a digital business consulting service that focuses on a business's health while creating solutions to growth needs and more. Not every business is the same, so every solution should be personalized and custom for the needs of the brand.

The Blews Media Story

Blews Media LLC Our Story Path

Hi, I'm James Blews. I am owner and operator of Blews Media LLC in New Castle Pennsylvania. Blews Media LLC is a digital business consulting, digital marketing and advertising company that chiefly serves local and regional brands.

Blews Media LLC was created because I find my purpose in helping businesses and business owners grow. I can't tell you how much I love talking to a business owner who is passionate about their brand - they are the best people to work with!

While business development, marketing and advertising are what I primarily aim to do now, I actually started down a different path all of those years ago. I actually started creating websites and programming almost 25 years ago. Today, I can not only build and design websites graphically, but I can program features, script sequences and UI elements and more.

I've always been a resident of New Castle PA. I'm married, with two wonderful kids. And I'm guardian to my spirit animal Phillip - my cat! We still live in town, used to shop at Joseph's Supermarket, still eat Coney Island hot dogs, I still buy my wife candies from Jameson's and my kids, just like myself, were born in St. Francis Hospital. Yes, so I definitely know small-town and local needs.

My main mission when I work with any business is to find the best solution possible for their needs. Whether that is via a Local SEO campaign, digital advertising, copywriting, ad funnel creation and more. Local businesses have had things rough the last couple of years, and I'm ready to help make them right.

I Craft Solutions Meant For You - Not Everyone Else

Anyone can purchase a package from Wix or Square or GoDaddy... but do you actually get what you need? I help find business owners and operators cost-effective, long-term solutions to really difficult problems at times.

Blews Media Digital Marketing Needs For Business Website

The Problem

Building your business, operating your business, marketing your business... there's a lot to do. And, there is a lot to keep track of! (Did a Google Update impact my brand? What is happening to my Facebook Business Page? Are my emails going through to my customers?)

Blews Media Digital Marketing Needs For Business Website

The Obstacle

The biggest obstacle with you handling digital marketing and advertising for your brand is that you sacrifice your time. It's the "wrong things for the right reasons". And, all the while, you aren't running your business, not spending time with your family and living your life.

Blews Media Digital Marketing Needs For Business Website

The Solution

Stop wasting your time, your money & your patience on the wrong solutions that just don't work. When you have someone with knowledge, concerned with your brand's overall health, things change - it means you have more control of what matters. My job is to make your job easier!

I run a digital business consulting firm because I get what business owners deal with. And I want to make it easier for you to succeed in 2024.

I've worked with many companies from various industries. Each had their own needs. Each had their own solutions.

This is why I really dislike general solutions and pre-created marketing packages from the big platforms like Wix and Square and GoDaddy, to name a few. I think those solutions are fine and good - but what about great?

When I started Blews Media, my biggest worry was the mindset business owners have of marketers. I mean, I've heard some bad stories about marketing companies "owning" the business's website, domain and content. Terrible, right?

One of my goals is to create the ability to give you more and more control. After all, we are working together. I'm creating a website, social media platforms and following, more leads and more traffic - all for you. So, why shouldn't you control everything?

That's enough about me. I want to hear about you and your business!

What are your business goals? What digital business tactics are you currently using?

And, most important, how can I help you?

Whatever it is, I'd really love to hear about it. And, most important, I want to hear your story. Together, we can look at how to plan your business actions in the digital world so that it allows you to access what's most important in your life - more profit, more time, more freedom.