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Grow your brand using simple online strategies, tested digital marketing tactics and common sense in an online business world.

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Copywriting, Content Creation & Storytelling

Copywriting and content creation for business helps persuade customers from not knowing to being loyal fans.

Blews Media Digital Marketing Needs For Business Website

Research Your Message

We create the best copywriting for your brand by knowing your brand.

Blews Media Digital Marketing Needs For Business Website

Business Storytelling

Your brand's message can get lost. With our copywriting services, your story is front and center.

Blews Media Digital Marketing Needs For Business Website

Multiple Platform Copy

We can create copywriting for your website, email marketing campaigns, advertising and a LOT more.

Our Copywriting Process Outlined

Copywriting is more than just writing. Here is our process for taking your offers, brand story, services and products, and presenting them to generate better conversions and more sales.

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Initial meeting and discovery

The first step in copywriting is basic research. What is your offer? What is your service? Who is your ideal client or customer? This is where we find out everything.

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Initial content treatments

In this step, we submit our build pieces of copy and content for your review. You will also see the progress of the copywriting process, and give direction and feedback.

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Final copywriting complete

During this step, we edit drafts and treatments. We refine pieces for the platforms, people and offers they serve. We then submit these to you for final approval, and feedback.

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Final publication

In this final step, your content is submitted and published to the platform agreed upon. This can include website articles, website pages, landing pages, advertising, lead magnets, email marketing, social media posts and more.


We Grow Your Business's Story

Working with Blews Media LLC means more than basic digital marketing. We grow your brand's story with strong copywriting and storytelling with you.

Blews Media Digital Marketing Needs For Business Website

Business Growth Via Words

What makes Blews Media LLC a great partner to work with? Our beliefs are truly simple...

  • Holistic, Caring & Results-Driven Approach
  • Customized Business Solutions
  • Ownership Of Your Brand Is Key


You can learn more about copywriting services and how they can help your brand below. You will discover how Blews Media LLC can help, and more.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the strategy of creating persuasive content for marketing, advertising and sales with the goal of generating conversions and sales.

What are the platforms for using copywriting?

Some examples of copywriting involves website articles, website pages, email marketing, social media posts, advertising, brochures, catalogs, direct mail and more.

How much does copywriting cost?

The pricing for copywriting business services can vary significantly based on platform, size, context and the ongoing needs of your business.

What kind of copywriting do you usually perform for business?

We do everything at Blews Media LLC! Our favorites are creating "About Us" pages, writing website articles, developing digital ads and landing page copywriting. But, yes, we do it all!

Who We Work With

Growing your brand's message is important. Copywriting allows customers to experience an unabrasive path from desire to purchase, in a clear manner.

(They) Were able to take our needs and build great advertising and social media content. And, it worked!

Anthony L.

Owner, General Contractor