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Custom Brand Audits

Using the right research to drive your business's marketing actions is essential in growing.

Blews Media Digital Marketing Needs For Business Website

View Your Brand

View how current and future customers see you and your brand. See what works, see what doesn't and why.

Blews Media Digital Marketing Needs For Business Website

See Your Competition

Pull back the curtain on your competition. Learn new tactics that industry leaders use to gain more business.

Blews Media Digital Marketing Needs For Business Website

Discover Key Details

A second pair of eyes helps. When they are professional, it can help a lot. You'll see the best, and avoid the worst.

Our Brand Audit Process Explained

You might be wondering how the brand audit process works. We try to keep the different processes we use as simple as possible. In this way, we, and you, can gain the most results from using them. Digital marketing is not easy, but we use this simple process to make our brand audits much easier to understand.

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Collect Data (the beginning)

We start the process by asking a lot of questions and listening. We then dive into the internet to find all pieces of information about the brand, including news articles, mentions of ownership and employment, as well as all digital assets.

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Reconnaissance your brand

During this step, we specifically target your brand from the outside in. We run searches, ask questions online and follow pathways to reach your brand. This is the part where we let you see exactly how the world views you.

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Review the regional industry

While in this stage of the digital brand audit process, we look at your business's region and in your industry. We find leaders, we look for trends, we evaluate how you rank within this community.

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Review the global industry

During this step of the brand audit process, we look at the global size of your industry. We look for leaders, trends and what is being done right and wrong. We also detail various specifics like SEO values, advertising and more.

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Breakdown and outline your brand's needs

This step in the digital brand audit process allows us to construct some specifics that would likely become targets and goals during your next marketing campaign. You will see suggestions based on positive impacts of other similar brands, and items to retract or avoid based on other information. Specifically, you will see your brand's needs in a customized outline.

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Final report, with checklist & 'next steps'

During this final phase, we build a literal checklist of items that your brand should perform. This list can scale across multiple platforms, and can even tough on offline items and non-digital tactics to use. You will also receive a list of 'next steps'; items that you should perform or hire someone to perform on your brand immediately.


We Help Your Business Grow

Working with Blews Media LLC means that you have a trusted partner focused on your brand's growth using research, reporting and auditing processes.

Blews Media Digital Marketing Needs For Business Website

Focused Business Growth

What makes Blews Media LLC a great partner to work with? Our beliefs are simple...

  • Holistic, Caring & Results-Driven Approach
  • Customized Business Solutions
  • Ownership Of Your Brand Is Key


You can learn more about digital brand audits, and how Blews Media LLC can help your business.

What is a digital brand audit?

A digital brand audit is a report about a business. This business can use it to find problems in the brand, increase tactics that are having positive results and find out what the competition is doing to make use of it.

What does a digital brand audit cost?

Most complex brand audits start at $4995 and take nearly 20 days to complete. For basic reports, the cost and depth changes.

What can I expect after I sign up for a digital brand audit?

As soon as possible, we will schedule a discovery session focused on your business. After this happens, we begin researching your industry, your brand, your competition and digital marketing tactics used by all. We then contact you with your report being finished. We then schedule a follow-up consultation concerning the findings.

I'm a small business... Do I need a digital brand audit?

In all truth, every brand could use a digital brand audit. However, if you don't wish to purchase a complete digital brand audit, you can conduct some of the research yourself. With that said, you will likely not have a complete and clear view of your industry, your region and your brand.

You said you also provide a checklist and a 'next step'... what are those?

Every brand audit also includes a checklist for a brand to complete for better marketing and awareness. As well, we always include a 'next steps' task list. This list are items that a brand should perform immediately, as it will have the most impact.

Who We Work With

No business is too small or too large to get help in growing their brand online. We offer a wide array of solutions and pricing to help you meet your business's needs, while staying affordable and moving in a positive direction.

They were able to take our brand and transform our message into a clear visual and audio story. A new website, new logo and everything else we needed!

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